Congratuations! Kai-Yi Hsu achieves the 1st Place of the Supporting - IT Group in the 2023 DNA Internship Final Competition in TSMC.

About our lab

Chung-Chuan Lo lab for theoretical neuroscience and neuroinformatics studies neural circuit mechanisms of cognitive behavior and physiological functions. The lab mainly uses Drosophila as the model animal and constructs spiking-neuron models based on large-scale connectome databases and neuroinformatics analysis. The works of the lab emphasize close collaborations with experimentalists. The lab also works with electrical engineering labs and translates knowledge in neuroscience into neuromorphic engineering.

About the lab PI

Chung-Chuan Lo joined the Institute of Bioinformatics and Structural Biology at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan in August 2008 as an assistant professor. He transfered to the Institute of Systems Neuroscience in the same university in August 2009. Now, he is the director of the Institute of Systems Neuroscience. He received his Ph.D. degree in physics in 2004 from Boston University and did his postdoctoral research in Dr. Xiao-Jing Wang's lab in Brandeis University and later in Yale University. Check out his personal webpage for more information.

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Institute of Systems Neuroscience | College of Life Science | National Tsing Hua University

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Wondering how complicated cognitive behavior is formed by interactions between neurons? Interested in learning how to apply knowledge in neuroscience to the field of neuromorphic engineering? Join our lab and we will help you to find out how. Please contact () for more details.

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