Hui-Yun Chang  laboratory

Background introduction:

Before joining ISN at NTHU, Hui-Yun Chang received her doctorate working with a well-established investigator studying Drosophila eye development. She then worked in Dr. Krantz lab. at UCLA using the model organism Drosophila melanogaster to study the function of neurotransmitter transporters.

Interesting issues:

1. Transporter mechanism of synaptic transmission

  1. 2.Animal behavioral analysis of genetic manipulated normal

    and abnormal transgenic animals

3. Signaling transduction mechanism of neuron development

  1. 4.Exploring the Gene-Environment Interaction of Parkinson’s disease and Psychiatric diseases

  2. 5.Receptor sensitivity and drug response

Join our lab:

We welcome and encourage new graduate students joining our lab. We study how the interaction between gene-environment can modify animal behaviors. In addition, we provide collaborated defined projects and stipend for new graduate students and students and undergraduate students if any. Interested in joining us, please contact Hui-yun Chang.


張慧雲 Hui-yun Chang, Ph.D

Assistant Professor (Systems Neuroscience )


Tel: 03-5715131

Research field:
Animal behaviors, emotion, biotechonolgy, Neurogenetics